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11/18/14 gran caffe, bridgets, from the boot, Hamilton, EL SCORCHO

November 20, 2014


gym before my crazy day.

Ended up driving 170 miles today. dislike!

dropped off some Samples here.
Gran Caffe in Center City Philadelphia.

It’s a new restaurant not yet opened.

Everything in here is imported from Italy.
Coffee Bar downstairs & restaurant upstairs.

next stop was Bridget’s in Ambler.
We did an Artisanal Cider tasting.
Have you ever tasted one of those??

Wine/Cider tasting at From the Boot

Bad batch of Dasuquin.

We give these to Weasel & Chester to help with
their joints & mobility. It really DOES help.
When you get the right stuff.
No worries, the company is replacing it.

Chester utilizing the triple decker dog bed

Delivery to a Liquor Store in Allentown.
My customer NEEDED emergency wine for a party.
so I had to deliver…..

Michael was with me so we stopped at my customer’s
restaurant & grabbed a bite to eat.

I sent my customer a picture of me at his restaurant so he
would know I was there!!!!

I had THIS (Oh So Good)

and THIS!! mushroom flatbread (delicious)

The smallest deed
is better than the greatest intention.
~John Burroughs (1837-1921)

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