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11/19/14 gym, Valenca, Maxims, Ocean, Octi-sharks (artichokes)

November 20, 2014


try to do this EVERY DAY!!!!!

Boot Camp today. 6 killer stations.

remember my emergency delivery yesterday??
he ordered code 516778 Chardonnay.
He wanted Pinot Noir.
yup. Really.

preparing for a SPIRITS tasting today

stopped in at River Grille to drop off a wine proposal

Tasting at Valenca with Jason & Amanda (x2)

Amanda bought the Barreled aged GIN!

order THAT when you go there….

tasted CIDERS with Maxim’s (and they bought 🙂

OCEAN a new account to be. I’m trying…..

tonight I made Roasted Artichokes.

in the summer time, neighbor Deb & I went to a
cooking show & the french guy kept calling them
Octi-sharks! LOL


Here is the recipe:

Spooning Vizslas. Love these dogs!
so soft & cuddly…..

Never regret.
If it’s good, it’s wonderful.
If it’s bad, it’s experience.

~Victoria Holt

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