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Thursday 11/20/14 good deed, Movie Tavern, Firebirds Grill, BEER SCHOOL

November 22, 2014

Thursday 11/20/14

Picked up some soft pretzels to give to my guys!
My mechanic & the guys at the gas station.

my MECHANIC is swamped. He needs help.
Do you know of a good mechanic that wants
extra work??

checked out MOVIE TAVERN today.
Going to try & get my wines in here.

It is my account but never met the guy.
It is a corporate account so they don’t really
have any leeway in what they order.
of course, the ONE time I stop in.
Gideon (who orders the wine) is off…..

Sent Gideon this picture of me with Kelley the hostess
so he would know I was there to visit him.

friend RICH attended Beer School tonight

Rich’s Beers School GPA 0.0

The beer Rich Brought

Michael’s beer line-up for “class”


Last week’s word of the night…..

Girls night at Beer School

friend Marguerite (from Hawaii)
neighbors Deb, Denise & Kim


Michael & his “charges”.

He was cat sitting for our neighbors.

right next to the playground…..
Rattlesnakes & Poison Oak……

just take steps in the right direction.
that’s what I say……


“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

~Anne Frank

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