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TUESDAY 12/2/14 Blue Heron, STREAKING, good deed, Pour House, friend Joanne

December 3, 2014


not a great picture but you can see the
BLUE HERON standing on top our garage.
He’s been having breakfast at our pond.

Me & Chester after our mile “streak”….
we had quite the conversation on Facebook
about our cool Trash Can

this is another one of our Cool Trash Cans

Saw this deer behind the Firehouse in Ivyland.
He was just hanging out. Not sure where he
came from or where he was going!

a few months ago my car got hit in the parking lot.
The guy found me to tell me he hit my car.
He gave me money to fix the car but I didn’t use it all
so today I left a card with $100 for him at his work.

I’m sure he’ll be surprised!

PIG PARKER at the Pour House

Michael making friends with bartender Vince

friend Joanne came in after us for $5 Cheesesteaks!!!

Michael broke the rule & did NOT get a $5 Cheesesteak.
He had them make him a burger with crab mac n cheese.

It was interesting…….

Note & toy for Bartender Vince

What you get by achieving your goals
is not as important as what you become
by achieving your goals.

~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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