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12/3/14 Chester, Birds, Squirrels, Bolete, Yianni’s, Slate Bleu, Weasel

December 3, 2014


Chester thirsty dog after our mile + walk/run.

We are still streaking……

Dead & beheaded bird I found on our sidewalk.
It was so weird. I don’t know what got it ??

This HAWK flew into a tree right outside our front window.
No doubt he was looking for a meal!

We were hoping he would catch a squirrel!
Before this year we didn’t have squirrels.
Now we have them!!!

Had an appointment at Bolete.
It’s a cool restaurant in Bethlehem.

Bolete is a drop off/pick up location
for a local CSA.
(Community Supported Agriculture)

This is Joey. He is a local artist doing
a Chalkboard drawing on Bolete’s wall.

Successful tasting. She liked ALL the wines!

my chicken friends outside Yianni’s Taverna.
They just got fed so they were active.

at Yianni’s…….

Blind Wine tasting at Slate Bleu in Doylestown

Weasel’s turn to go to the Vets this week.
She has ear infections!!!

Men of action are favored by the Goddess of luck.

~ George S. Clason

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