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Thursday 12/4/14 Chester, Wine Tasting, Fish Market, Ocean, Beer School….

December 6, 2014

Thursday 12/4/14

Chester & Me after our “streak” 1 mile + run/walk.

Does anyone else want to join us??
You Run/Walk 1 mile everyday until
New Years Day

Maybe after that we will do 2 miles?
At least on the weekend.
You just need to make the time.

The life of a dog……

French Wine Tasting at KC Prime in Warrington

3rd & Ferry Fish Market in Easton

Me & Becca (the owner) tasting

Tasting at OCEAN. a new account to be…

They have a cool lower level where lots of
industry people hang out after work!

last stop today: Riegelsville Inn

Sam bartender, Ariel server & me
tasting the awesome Zinfandel!

not sure why we are so “grainy”

the last THREE Stone Enjoy By’s were the
highlight of “beer School” tonight

neighbor Deb, Michael, friend Dean

beer (& wine)
We learned a lot tonight!

my friends vineyard in Napa, CA
as a storm was rolling in.


Talk doesn’t cook rice.
~Chinese saying

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