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12.10.14 Streaking, HVCC, Shula’s, Torre, White Orchids Thai, CJ’s Doghouse

December 12, 2014


you MAKE your LUCK

Me and Chester after our daily Streak…

We’ve run/walked one mile+ every day since Thanksgiving.
and want to know something else??
Sometimes we streak twice a day….

my new t-shirt from last night’s restaurant

I really liked the chicken on the back

first stop at Huntingdon Valley Country Club

had a loll with business here but seems like
it will be rekindled. yay!

Shula’s at the Promenade in Saucon Valley

Torre Tequila Tower at the Promenade

Drink the FORTALEZA when you go there….
that’s My Tequila!

Tasting wine at White Orchids Thai restaurant

Byron always buys wine from me.
He’s the best!

He has my Heron Pinot Noir, Turo Negre
& now Mara Syrage!

drink THOSE!

last stop was my new account CJ’s Doghouse.
She bought a KEG of Wine!!!
Pinot Gris from Oregon. It’s good stuff.

doggie at the Doghouse..

picked up one of these…
Master of Disguise….
Imperial GOLDEN Stout??
we’ll see how this goes over at Beer School.



It is not your customer’s job to remember you, it is your obligation and responsibility
to make sure they don’t have
the chance to forget you.
~Patricia Fripp

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