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Friday 12/12/14 Owl Mug,Sands Casino, Peeps Store, Molinari’s, ChristmasCarolers

December 13, 2014

Friday 12/12/14

I secretly gave neighbor Kim this Owl Mug
but she quickly figured out it was me.

I asked her to send me a picture of it in use.

an appointment today at Sands Casino in Bethlehem

visited the PEEPS STORE in the Outlet Mall
connected to the Casino.
A little bit disappointed. It was just a lot of
overpriced merchandise no one needs.

tasting with Lee at Molinari’s.

He liked the RED a lot & will order next week 🙂

What’s that??

A Raymond Sculpture for his museum exhibit

Me & brother Raymond

won $50 playing volleyball this year.
Didn’t get to play as much as I wanted.

Hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks!

HELEN PIE from Taormina’s

me & my pie….

We had the pleasure of some CAROLERS tonight
visiting our house

“In the beginning of any relationship,

whether personal or business,

there is always a level of expectation.

My suggestion is always try to exceed those expectations

and live up to it every time.

You will never fail by giving more than expected.”

~Bob Perks

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