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12/13/14 Volleyball, Flat TIre, Christmas Party @ Billy & Robin’s

December 14, 2014


all we need now are PLAYERS.
I’m usually first to the courts on Saturday mornings.
Can’t wait to play!!

Volleyball with friends at GPCC
(Greater Plymouth Community Center)

Me, Kathy, Andy, Matty, Matt, John

FUN was had by all.

HOURS of Volleyball 🙂

The Leopard Mobile got a flat tire.
I called AAA to fix it.
I waited over an hour for him to come.

The guy was pretty clueless how to fix it
& he kept asking ME questions about fixing it.
THEN he asked for the manual.
It was another hour to get back on the road.

but on the bright side, at least I OWN a car
that can get a flat tire…..& I have the money to fix it.

Cool Bird Calendar cousin Rose Mary gave me!!
Love it!!!

Party at friend Billy & Robin’s house.
Here I’m with friend Dave & Billy

Party Hosts Billy & Robin

Cool Bird Chair

(Deb, I am finding out where they got it!)

friend Bob & Michael

Me & friend John Asher.

You got it…Asher Candies Man!

The ELF in the Kitchen…..

after 1 a.m…..did we really stay THAT late…???


Take time to listen to those around you.

Everyone, I mean everyone,

has something to offer you

on the road you are traveling.

Young, old, male, female, and every faith,

culture and creed

has within them the seeds of greatnessjust waiting to be planted

in your own garden of wisdom.”

~Bob Perks

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    Ask Michael if he broke Mr. Ashers leg while playing soccer at his home. I think he did!

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