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Friday 12/19/14 Fred’s breakfast club, Cozy Cave, Cantina Feliz, massge, wine

December 20, 2014

Friday 12/19/14

visited my mug at FRED’s breakfast club today!
it’s been too long!!

I missed this view.
From New Hope to Lambertville, NJ

ordered an omelette per my breakfast advisors advice

Cozy Cave for Vizslas. Weasel needs one of these!

spicy shrimp guacamole at Cantina Feliz

dinner with friends Mary & Chris
at one of my customer’s restaurants:

Cantina Feliz

need a massage??

friend Lisa has a studio nearby.
tell her Helen sent you!

friend Susan does food & wine pairing dinners.
Planning a party?? let me know.
I’ll get you in touch with Susan!

The dogs don’t let anything past them….

nothing grows in a comfort zone……


We have this idea that we can be great at everything, and succeed at all that we try.
But we are human, and we have limits, and we have to let go of this idea of doing everything and doing it well. You’re either going to do a couple things well, or do everything poorly.

~Leo Babauta

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