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Saturday 12/20/14 gym, trader Joe’s, wrapping presents, BEER! Rocky

December 21, 2014

Saturday 12/20/14

Car with reindeer antlers & nose we saw
while Chester & I were on our morning streak.

Love or hate the deer costume for the car?

Boot Camp today.
As you might guess, I have the MADDIE APP
to superimpose the dog picture.
Friend Marybeth’s sister thinks I really
bring a dog to the gym.

Love going to Trader Joe’s. Who doesn’t’???

Friendly Staff at Trader Joe’s

one of my Trader Joe purchases: RED spinach!

Saw this at the store & considered it for Dani Rae

a gift wrap marathon for me
paired with SOREL….the perfect Christmas beverage

Hop Ranch comes out once a year & we LUCKILY
found this case of Enjoy By at SUPER VALUE BEVERAGE .
Which was pretty comical bc Enjoy By
is nearly impossible to get!

friends dog ROCKY
He is adorable!
all ready for Christmas.

anytime you want to go wine tasting,
on the couch, let ME know!

Don’t Quit, just DO IT!

Whoever is in distress can call me.
I will come running wherever they are.

~Diana, Princess of Wales

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