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monday 12/22/14 WEASEL, Christmas Cards, work from home, oops!

December 23, 2014

Monday 12/22/14

Weasel on the beginning part of our daily mile
running/walking streak

Weasel, real close up!

We are still experimenting with dog food for Chester.
We need to find:
#1 Food he will eat &
#2 it has to be low-fat.
We shoot for less than 4%

anyone have suggestions??

Merry Christmas Moose outside neighbors house.
We saw this on our run/walk today.

Christmas is probably the only time I don’t send cards.
I let everyone else do it.
I send cards the other 11 months.

However, the DOGS sent a Christmas card
to our Veterinary Office.
We REALLY like the service & staff.

Back of the card

lump on Weasel’s paw looks like it’s growing 😦

She still gets a long fine & doesn’t act like it hurts.

my “work from home” action shot!

one of my favorite Christmas Cards from
pen pal Stefanie!!

Danny sent us this picture….
oops!! What’s going on here???

Caught red handed!!! LOL

We were laughing but we weren’t the
ones cleaning up!!

we are made up of thousands of others

“Success is when you look back at your life
and the memories make you smile.”

~grandmother asked to define success

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One Comment
  1. So glad you liked your card! Poor Weasel paw. I’m glad it does;t seem to be a problem though.

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