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Sunday 12/21/14 presents, Boomerang, Hike withBike Club, dinner date

December 22, 2014

to see ALL the photos from todays Hike
check out this link:

Sunday 12/21/14

the pile of presents from my wrapping Marathon
Saturday night

Chester found this Boomerang in the green in
front of our house. It used to work until he
Chester-ized it….
neighbors if you are missing a boomerang
let me know….

On our way to the bike club hike

Mike, Chester & Me

Michael & Chester

the group around 28 of us!

Me & Chetty

not everyone but most of us

met up with friend Laurel & her dog Nikki

outside a Toy store in Frenchtown

This was Chester the rest of the day.
I think we walked 5 or 6 miles.
Plus we streaked a mile in the morning.

neighbors Denise & Roman were over for dinner.
we had enough….

( I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough food,
we had plenty & leftovers)

broke out a CHICORY STOUT.
been a long time since we had one of these!

Well done is better than well said.

~ Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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