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12/26/14 FRIDAY streaking, Enjoy By in Arizona, Field Trip for Beer School

December 27, 2014


Chester & I have continued to do our
running/walking streak every day since 11/28/14

We might continue the streak after it’s over……
doing one mile in the morning & one at night.
Why not??

bird clock I got for Christmas a few years ago.
Was sharing the photo with a friend who also
got a cool bird clock.

Cool bird clock friend Novella got for Christmas

friend Elton was so proud of himself
finding ENJOY BY in Arizona!

Good job Elton. I hope you ENJOY it
as much as we ENJOY it!!

Christmas tree of beer bottles at the
Hulmville Inn.

Michael & Jim have never been here so we thought
we’d take a little excursion.

we shared this ridiculously tasty appetizer.

A hotdog wrapped in cheese & salami and an egg roll wrapper.
then deep fried. Once a year is ok! and we shared!

Me & friend Jim!

They have a canning machine so they can sell
you CANS of the beer they have on draft.
Pretty cool!

We tried going to the Dog & Bull but it was too crowded.

We stopped at Neshaminy Brewing since it
was right down the street. Fun place.

anyone see this CHRISTMAS CAR driving around??

how about the CHANUKAH car??

The way to get started
is to quit talking and begin doing.

~Walt Disney

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