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Saturday 12/27/14 streak, presents, Biking, Santa, Enjoy By Root Beer

December 29, 2014

Saturday 12/27/14

THIS is what I really need to do.
sort of happened today…..

Schedule some time
to have nothing Scheduled.

Chester & I started our day with a STREAK in the park.
It was a long streak on a gorgeous SUNNY day!

friend Ryno sent me a gift card from Starbucks
with CARDINALS on it!!!

Lottery tickets from Ryno too.
I will share all winnings.

Would you share your winnings with the
person who gave you lottery tickets?

Went for a bike ride today
& caught up with Santa.
It was a gorgeous day!

Hello Santa!

The Altomari Family lines their driveway with all
these decorations & encourages people to drive through

I sent them a Thank You note!
It’s so nice of them to do.
I wanted to let them know I appreciate it.

All are welcome!

We got a few cases of another ENJOY BY beverage….

ROOT BEER brewed by VICTORY Brewing

Saying No to worthwhile projects,
and letting go of the idea
that we can do everything, is very difficult.
But it’s not more difficult
than trying to do everything
and not getting enough sleep
and being overly stressed out.
Saying No is hard, but it means
you say Yes to focus and sanity

~Leo Babauta

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