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12/31/14 gym, Mickey~Maine Coon Cat, pre-party with cousin Rose Mary, Fireworks

January 1, 2015


Happy last day of the year!!!

Weasel’s drugs, we have to trick her into
taking the drugs by hiding them in lunch meat.

Though today was particularly trying because she
didn’t want to eat ANYTHING.
This is NOT a good sign….

STILL my favorite coffee travel mug…..
thank you JOYCE

I was at 830 boot camp but afterwards
friends MB & Deb were coming to the 945 class
so I got their stations set up for them.
There’s always a mad rush for equipment.
Today they didn’t have to worry about that.

Marybeth’s station


Mickey the Maine Coon Cat getting along
with new friend Jazz the dog

Tonight Pat & I went to see fireworks
at our Cousin Rose Mary’s apartment

  1. The Victor: Luxury Waterfront Lofts

Cousin Rose Mary & Me

That’s Philly across the water

Party that Michael & I never made it to
but were supposed too.
Michael wasn’t feeling good & I fell asleep after
the pre-party. I didn’t wake up until 11:40pm.
At least I was awake for bringing in the New Year!

Write a good book this year!!!
that’s my plan….

Make things happen……


Waiting is a trap.
There will always be reasons to wait.
The truth is, there are only two things in life,

reasons and results,
and reasons simply don’t count.

~Dr. Robert Anthony

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