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1/1/15 Chester, friend Ed, Picassa, new nametag, Brookresons & friend gathering

January 2, 2015


Happy January 1st 2015

Feeling great as I missed the NY Eve party
& didn’t stay up real late.

Chester with the Christmas pig on our morning run.
The STREAK is officially over but I think we are
going to continue with it just because, why not?

HAPPY 10th Birthday to CHESTER ROSE ButtSniffer!!

met up with friend Ed at the gym.
He’s been in sales forever & he was giving
me some much needed words of wisdom.

Thank you ED!

Thank you note in the shape of a driving glove
from my cousin Rose Mary.
I gave her really nice driving gloves as a
Christmas Present.

Picassa lounging in the sun.
Chester sticking out his tongue!

Michael building me an LED nametag.

Hello My Name is HELEN!

friends Molly & Jesse host an Open House each
New Years Day

Here’s their whole family.
Jesse, Molly, Mavis, Martha, Kendrick, Nellie & Harry

the only one missing is Lenny the Great Dane

Met up with friends Deb & Don at the party
AND SIL Rosemary & brother Ray

Mavis & Me

a little get together at friends Mary & Chris’s house

using the gift I got from Danny & Rachael.
A chalkboard cheese board.
Cool, right?

friend Marguerite, me, Mary & LUCKY

Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

~Joseph Addison

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