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1/5/15 Woodpecker, slippers, Dani Rae, Chester, Wine Glass, new car, Vizsla pups

January 5, 2015


saw neighbor Deb’s Woodpecker on our
morning Run. Wish I had one!
We do have bluebirds!

got new Cat Slippers.

I’ve been slipper shopping for years now
& finally found a pair I love.

You’ll Never guess where I found them.

While working from home today I had a little visitor

lunch break at LA FOGATA our neighbor’s restaurant

Chester in his new King Throne

using Weasel’s bed atop the ottoman

a friend thought this would be
a good year to start a
I’ve been doing that for years 🙂

You can put something in the jar when you come over.

woo hoo! volleyball partner JoAnna
sent me this FUN wine glass

It’s a hands free glass!! GOT WINE???

our gym instructor Kristin got a new car bc she was
recently in an accident & her car was totaled.

Friends Mary, Deb & Marybeth & I got her this card
& put $40 in it for gas $$$$.
Kristin is going to be SURPRISED 05

Vizsla puppies

ok, so this is really weird.

Yesterday when Weasel died, a friend of mine from
Facebook Vizsla Talk messaged me…her dog was in
labor giving birth right then. We previously had talked
about a puppy but I declined because I didn’t want
Weasel to be tortured by a puppy in her old age.

Trust the Universe’s Plan


Just trust yourself,
then you will know how to live.

~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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