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January 4th 2015 Good-bye Weasel :( Pat’s birthday / movie WILD

January 4, 2015

January 4th 2015

Deciding whether we should take Weasel to the vet
or not.

At the Veterinary ER

Last time with Weasel 😦

Weasel had a spleen tumor & basically it ruptured
& she was bleeding internally. She was having
trouble breathing & when she collapsed in the back
yard, it wasn’t a hard decision to take her to the ER,
despite knowing what the outcome would be.

Princess Weasel Great Dog
11/16/2000 – 1/4/2015

She lived a long life, she was a great dog.

When we got home, a Cardinal flew across our
yard & landed in the tree in our backyard.
A sign from Weasel ??

CARDINALS have a long symbolic history of visiting those who are saddened by loss.

This comic inspired
How Weasel got to be a GREAT dog….

Weasel will be missed 😦

for sister Pat’s birthday today we
went to see the movie WILD

  1. Driven to the edge by the loss of her beloved mother (Laura Dern), the dissolution of her marriage and a headlong dive into self-destructive behavior, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) makes a decision to halt her downward spiral and put her life back together again. With no outdoors experience, a heavy backpack and little else to go on but her own will, Cheryl sets out alone to hike the Pacific Crest Trail — one of the country’s longest and toughest through-trails.

WILD, we really enjoyed the movie!!

Flowers friend Joyce brought over
for Weasel & Pat!

the only fault of dogs, really…..
they don’t live long enough 😦


As you breathe right now, another person is taking their last breath. They are praying for all the things you and I are taking for granted. So don’t complain. Be grateful for every experience, every challenge, and every surprise that you’re blessed with.

  1. Oh Helen! I am so sorry! Lots and lots of hugs.

    • helcha8 permalink

      Thanks Stefanie. We miss Weasel but know we did the right thing. We had many good years with her. She was a great dog 🙂

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