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Friday 1/9/15 Chester,Wine tasting,Lunch,Forest & Main brewpub, Act II playhouse

January 10, 2015

Friday 1/9/15

Snow doesn’t’ stop us….out for a RUN.
EVERY day since Thanksgiving.
No excuses.

South African & some French wines today.
Tasting at the office.

got a ride to lunch in my co-workers car & said:
Invoices that are supposed to be returned to the
office after a wine delivery. He had TONS!!
I said: I’m getting a picture of this!!

Lunch at Radicchio Cafe with co-workers.
Server filleting a Bronzino fish

I totally out ordered EVERYONE.
Lobster ravioli with scallops & shrimp

co-workers Bob & Latrice.

Bob got a new job as a manager.
Anyone looking for a wine sales job?

the cards for Weasel keep coming in!
Thank you everyone!
We really appreciate your thoughts.

First time at Forest & Main Brewery in Ambler.
We stopped here before going to a Comedy show.

Selfie 02

BACON POPCORN was delicious!!

Just took this picture because it had a VISZLA in it.
I guess he was in the play??

We were at ACT II Playhouse to see a comedy show.
At first we thought, WOW! no one is here but minutes
later there were no empty seats.
The show was good. Catch it if you have the chance.

No, things are never going to work out
exactly the way you anticipated.
However, you’re much more likely
to get to a positive place
when you’re moving yourself
in a positive direction.

~Ralph Marston

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