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Sunday 1/11/15 Hike with Bike Club & Vizsla puppies!

January 13, 2015

Sunday 1/11/15

Today we had a big group from our bike club
get together & do a hike on a road we
normally ride our bikes on.

It’s nice to walk on roads we usually ride on.
you get to see more!

At the Covered Bridge with Chester
& neighbors Roman & Denise.

Anyone can join us for the hikes.
Let me know if you want to go
on the next one this Sunday.

We usually walk about 6 miles.

Michael, Chester, Roman & Denise

Cool icicles. Looks better in person!

Visited a 9 month old Vizsla today.
She is too small for the lady to show/breed
so we met her & are considering adopting her.

Chester getting in the action.
He got along FINE with Breezy Weasy.

Mother Vizsla with her pups.
She has a BABY (Stuffed animal) like
Weasel always did!

These are the other pups we are considering.

They were born the day Weasel died, so it feels
like there is some connection.

What would YOU do???
Get the 9 month old or a puppy?


“To know why to do something is wisdom.

To know how to do it is skill.

To know when to do it is judgment.

To strive to do it best is dedication.

To do it for the benefit of others is service.

To want to help others is compassion.

To do this quietly is humility.

To get the job done is achievement.

To inspire and motivate others

to do all these things is leadership.”

~Author Unknown

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