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1/14/15 gym, Blue Bell Inn, Blue Bell Country Club, LUCKY’s house, Weasel mail

January 15, 2015


on the left is LEE, my 76 y.o. gym friend!
She’s inspiring!

3 Happy faces….one not so much!

Rachael, Dani Rae, Izzy & Danny Diehl

Blue Bell Inn appointment today.
This is a hotspot in Blue Bell.

tasting some Pinot Noirs & Spanish Wines

met friend Mary at Blue Bell Country Club after
my appointment there.
We ate a tasty Greek Flatbread.

then we stopped at LUCKY’s house. (Mary’s dog).
See his tail wagging???

We had an impromptu wine tasting

WE got more Weasel mail!

So nice of everyone to think of us!!

We got LOTS of cards, thank you!

I miss having a 2nd dog & I think Chester
does too. We are going to visit the puppies
in Pittsburgh in a couple weeks.
They were born on the day Weasel died
so we feel an affinity there.

just take steps in the right direction…..


You have power over your mind – not outside events.

Realize this, and you will find strength.

– Marcus Aurelius

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