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1/15/15 gym,Taste of Italy, Youell’s,Hamilton,Rodizio, Rue Principale, Radice,

January 17, 2015


making time for the gym before my all day appointments

Taste of Italy has two of my wines.
They are located in Allentown, PA

tasting this new wine with Franco:
Alanera by Zenato

dropped off a price list here, not tasting.

downtown Allentown

Hamilton Kitchen…
Jason bought my Pinot Noir from Russian River

Next stop was Rodizio Grill with Pedro

187 Rue Principale: a new account I am working on

phew…last stop RADICE in Blue Bell.
It was a BUSY day 🙂

Dinner at LUCKY’s house!!

friend Mary lives in Blue Bell so I usually
stop over before heading home.

note to self:
Effort beats anxiety every time


“Success is the sum of small efforts,
repeated day in and day out.”

~Robert Collier

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