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Saturday 1/17/15 gym, Improv Class, Lunch with Maureen, Pour House, “babies”

January 18, 2015

Saturday 1/17/15

getting the day started with BOOT CAMP

Pedro, a friend of neighbor Chris.
She spotted him in my random photo of
the class last week. This week I introduced
myself to him.

Today I took a an Into to Improv Class in Center City
at Comedy Sports/Adrienne Theater

Kristin was one of my classmates

It was really FUN & I am considering enrolling
in the next class Improv 101: Introduction to Improv

Anyone else interested in having some FUN?
I think there are only 4 spots left.

met friend Maureen for lunch at a new restaurant
I sell wine to. Everything from food to decor
was impeccable!

Looking forward to going back!!

Stuffed Olives mmmmmm

Crab cake with roasted pepper gelato

All the food was Outstanding!


Haven’t don’t one of those in awhile…..

Chester went on a recon hike today with Michael

His paw was bleeding so we got him booties
to protect his feet when Hiking with us.
He didn’t HATE the booties &
he walked pretty good in them.

Usually dogs try shaking them off & he did none of that.

Michael wanted to grab dinner at
Wycombe Publick House.

He ordered seafood stuffed baked potatoes.

I indulged and got the decadent mozzarella.
soooooo good!

at The Pour house there is this girl who
wears this hat with ears. I asked to get her
picture but she was being shy!

Selfie with the hat…..

Remember how Weasel always had her “baby”?

And the new mom, whose puppy we are getting
always has to have her “baby” lamb chop with her.

my friend Anne’s dog Jingles also has
a “baby” Lamb Chop

Do your dogs /cats have “babies” they like
to carry around & sleep with ?


“You have to expect things of yourself
before you can do them.”

~ Michael Jordan

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