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Friday 1/16/15 Continental Tavern, Basenjis, Local theater in Hatboro

January 17, 2015

Friday 1/16/15

stopped & got pretzels for the office.
We were having a Wine Tasting today.

visited Ross at the Continental Tavern.
Dropped off a Wine List we created for him
and tasted some wine too.

stopped to see the Basenji’s on my way home
they were both checking out my boots

Lila & Bene getting comfy on me

Lila likes to sing:


Me and the pooches.
I need longer arms 06

anyone in the market for a Rocking Chair?
We have one for sale. Inquire within!

Sister Pat & I attend a local theater tonight

In The Wings: In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People

(That Should Be Shot)

ready set….

YAY!! we did it!!!

The play was funny. Go see it if you get chance.

A somebody was once a nobody
who wanted to and did.

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