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Friday 2/6/15 Chester, Winebow, Center City, Continental Tavern Taco Suave

February 8, 2015

Friday 2/7/15

My running partner Chester is on an
injury hiatus. He slipped on ice
& injured his shoulder/leg

WINE meeting in the city today.

The black awning is inscribed
“Charlie was a sinner”

Just seemed kind of funny next to
Danny’s Adult & Video shop!

Continental Tavern in Yardley

He bought the Chateau Julien Chardonnay.
Drink up!

There is a pond across the street where they ice skate.

I think I’d be afraid! but they certainly are not.

I suppose they know the rules.

got snail mail today!

thanks Shannon for the Congratulations card
for my Making PA Sales Rep of the Year!!

Woo Hoo!! this was a big accomplishment for me.
I needed the Confidence Boost, really.

Well THANK YOU friend Scott who went
all the way to the West Coast & brought
home all these awesome beers for us.
Seriously, you rock!

Dinner at Taco Suave. They now have table clothes!
Sister Pat, friends Joyce & Deb.
Friend Michael & MIchael the husband
(and ME, of course!)

Chorizo tacos. Yum!

and we made friends, Shocker!!!!

Brittany & Ethan

FUN to meet you, hope to see you again!


No people were ever honored
for what they received.
Honor has been the reward
for what they gave.

~ Calvin Coolidge

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