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Thursday 2/5/15 Chester, Wine & Candy Delivery, Raymond, Beer School Artist

February 8, 2015

Thursday 2/5/15

Chester’s nemesis

This dog lives in a cage on a porch.
He’s not socialized & acts very aggressive.
As much as I love dogs, I am Not a fan of this one.

Me & chester …….streaking!
no excuses….

I had to make a wine delivery to Bethlehem, PA today.
1 1/2 hours from my center city office.
They NEEDED the wine!

I was out on sales calls today delivering
Chocolate Truffles filled with Enamore,
a tasty wine I sell.

friend Tom makes them

Happy to see most of the wines sold here are mine 🙂

Stopped in at Riegelsville Inn

it’s a quaint old place with lots of charm

A little tasting with them

at brother Raymond’s Studio on my way home.

Giving the Eel a kiss!

the EEL is for the Flower Show Exhibit

Time for BEER SCHOOL!!

Look Kimba….. Grapefruit Sculpin! yum

A vertical of CELEBRTATION

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

Vanessa, you should have been there!

Enjoy By (drinking expired beer….) vertical

Enjoy by 10.31.14, 12.26.14 & 02.14.15

Chester & me.

Getting a Chester view of Beer School

Rachael, our beer school artist

George Jetson! Great Job Rachael!

Maybe we can do Scooby Doo Next?

^ change your bad attitude!!!!!!

“You are today
where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow
where your thoughts take you.”

~James Allen

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