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Friday 2/27/15 Fred’s Breakfast Club, Micahel, Parc Bistro, Brasserie 73, LUCKY

February 28, 2015

Friday 2/27/15

last minute breakfast date with friend Tanya
at Fred’s Breakfast Club.

I got the “Ham Thingy”
(against my breakfast advisors advice)

Checking in on a new restaurant being built in New Hope

Scoping out another New restaurant in Richboro.
Lots of pending business for me!

Michael waiting to get checked in at the DR’s.
it’s been about a year since his surgery & he is
recovering nicely!

At Parc Bistro in Skippack.
He buys Cain Vineyards wine from me but sadly we
aren’t going to carry it anymore. Need to find a

next stop was Brasserie 73. Old account recently renovated.
The “regular” buyer wasn’t there but the buyer that was
there that day bought a case of Bordeaux Rouge from me.
Just goes to show….you just have to keep showing up!

left a treat for Ryan the buyer I usually see

my last stop was at Blue Bell Country Club & always
like to stop and see LUCKY and friend Mary
while I am up that way

Checking out Pag’s beer room
(next to the Wine Bar) in Doylestown.
They have 30 some taps! Maybe I can get
a Wine Tap installed there…..

He bought Wine from me once, I need a repeat sale!


Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or
accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.
~ Danny Thomas

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