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Saturday 2/28/15 Improv School and Comedy Sportz Show with Lynne & Stu

March 1, 2015

Saturday 2/28/15

Michael…….on our “streak” with Chester
I don’t know what to say……shorts, really??

friend Lynne sent me this picture of a CARDINAL
she saw him & knew it was going to be a GREAT DAY.
Then we started chatting & ended up making
dinner/date plans for the night.

Time for Improv School which I am LOVING!

Vic Sushi is across the street from school
& I’m always starving after class so I like to stop &
get a snack before heading home on the train.
It’s an hour ride.

walking to the train I saw these figurines
attached to a wall. looks like something I would do…

sign outside a church

Frozen Schuylkill River
30th street Train station in the background

Drinks with Friend Lynne & husband Stu
@ Tinto before the Comedy Show

we went to my school tonight to see
what I learn in action

Comedy Sportz in action.
We laughed LOTS!!!

We are going again on Saturday March 21st,
do you want to come with us??? LMK!


One cannot learn anything so well
as by experiencing it oneself.

~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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