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3.11.15 boot camp, cardinal, Weasel, chester, Saranda’s, Apollo Grill, Raymond

March 11, 2015


nothing like BOOT CAMP to start the day!

LOOK!!! I saw a CARDINAL…..

Does this count??

Weasel & Chester…..
best friends…..still!

Saranda’s on Broadway

A new French restaurant in Bethlehem I am hoping
to get as a customer. At least I am trying…..

Me & Jansen at Apollo Grill

All 3 of these wines available here

Tilia Merlot
Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc
Monjardin Garnacha

Belt Buckles that Raymond made with his own hands!
Who needs one??? They are quite cool 🙂

Sharing the dog bed….again!

friend has a Condo for Sale in Wildwood

Anyone looking for a Shore House??

Great deal on a 3 BR 2BA house
& it is PET FRIENDLY!!


When something goes wrong in your life,
just yell ‘PLOT TWIST!’ and move on.”

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