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Weasel, Chester, FREE GLOVES, BlueGrill, KC Prime, Picassa, Car 4 sale!!!!

March 13, 2015


how the day started
Standoff between Picassa & Weasel

I did not know this……
apparently we have the best bathroom
in the neighborhood.

Maybe we should charge?

These gloves are looking for a new home.
Do you want them?? They are a Large.
I wear sm/med.

my first appointment was here at BLUE
but there was a lack of communication.
I thought the appointment was today and
the buyer thought it was next week OOPS.

so I guess I will be back next Thursday….

next stop was White Orchids in the Promenade.
MARA is my wine, the feature this week!

Haven’t been here recently for various reasons.

showed Antoni these wines & am happy to say
you can now drink the Tilia Merlot & Hullabaloo Zin
at KC Prime! woo hoo!

anniversary card form cousin Rose Mary.

16 yrs married on 3/1/3!

Chester & Weasel got dog toys in the mail today.
Thank you Terri & Carlos!!
Very thoughtful of you.

FIRST, Chester was playing Keep Away from Weasel

Then they decided to share…..

Then they each opted for their own

Do you or anyone you know want to buy a car?
Michael is selling his Prius for a very good reason!

He got a promotion at his job & one of the perks
is a company car.

how the day ended
Standoff between Picassa & Weasel


Be brave enough to live creatively.
The creative is the place where
no one else has ever been.
You have to leave the city of your comfort
and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
You can’t get there by bus,
only by hard work, risking,
and by not quite knowing what you’re doing.
What you’ll discover will be wonderful:

~Alan Alda

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