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Sunday 3/22/15 Dog snow shadows, gym, Mary & Chris for dinner & puppy visit

March 23, 2015

Sunday 3/22/15

Couldn’t resist getting Snow Shadows of the dogs

Weasel shadow


Weasel/Picassa stand off

How long will this last?
Will they ever be friends?

Chester inspecting my new Hello Kitty Travel mug

at the gym…..

It never gets easier.
You just get better.

ran into sister Pat’s friend Rose at the supermarket
(after the gym!)

cuteness 02

At the post office:
someone is getting FAN MAIL from Weasel & Chester

made this delicious dish tonight

Crispy Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

find the recipe here:

and this tasty dish…

Mongolian Beef

recipe here:

friends Mary & Chris were here for dinner
& a visit to meet baby Weasel!

Weasel dispensing puppy kisses

Chester & Weasel:
How adorable are these two?


Express gratitude and think about how rich you are ~
your family and friends are priceless,
your time is gold, and your health is true wealth.

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