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Monday 3.23.15 streak, Weasel, WINE, Newtown Athletic Club, Main St Animal Hosp

March 24, 2015

Monday 3.23.15

out for a morning streak with Chester..

Shadow Dog ( & person, ME!)

(one of our streaking songs today!)

anyone know this song??

When Danny was younger (waaay younger)
he used to play it over & over.

hoping this CARDINAL is a sign of SPRING??

yes, we STILL have SNOW!

aaaaand….another Stand off
between Weasel & Picassa

I could watch this interaction all day.
It’s hysterical 01

one of Weasel’s favorite positions

Weasel received a gift card to PetSmart.

Great!!! because we start Puppy School on
Wednesday & she can have a shopping Spree.

My WINEBOW wine bag.

a friend was asking how I carry all my wines from
appointment to appointment.
THIS is how it happens!

inside the bag I have these essential tools.

Wine “keys” as they are called in our business.
(I guess bc they open bottles of wine?)

Sparkling wine stopper.
Regular stoppers in case I cannot reuse original cork.

and a container of little animals which I always
leave behind for customers.

Wine tasting today at Newtown Athletic Club.

I think they are going to take 3 of the 6.
That’s good odds I suppose?
better than not taking any!

The outdoor oasis at Newtown Athletic Club.

I didn’t realize they had a sand volleyball court.

Weasel at the Veterinarian office for her first
check up & vaccinations with her new vet.
We love this guy: Dr Warren.
This is the first Vet I ever had
lay on the floor with the dog!

Main Street Animal Hospital


People make decisions about you
in the first ten seconds
after they meet you for the first time.
Do whatever it takes
to make that first ten seconds positive ones.

~ Tom Hopkins

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