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3/25/15 Weasel, gym, Sette Luna, Fish Market, River Grille, dog school

March 26, 2015


Weasel Queen of the snow mound

Stretching out after Boot Camp

an adorable photo of fuzzy wuzzy Weasel

they are inseparable…..

Visited my account Sette Luna in Easton.

Awesome food, eat here if you are up that way.

Visited 3rd & Ferry Fish Market.

If you are a Seafood Lover THIS is the place to eat!

Tasting wine with a new customer.
He’s getting 3 out of the 5 we tasted.

visiting Rue Prinicipale in Emmaus.

They recently bought my wine & I wanted
to check in on them.

All French food here & NO TIPPING!

Weasel behaving in Dog School

She wanted to play!

friend Caitlin’s new doggie SMOOKIE
got a present in the mail from
Weasel & Chester

Smookie playing with the new toy!


Today I can complain
because the weather is rainy
or I can be thankful
that the grass
is getting watered for free.

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