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Tuesday 3/24/15 gym, Molinari’s, RenaissanceAllentown new account,dogs of course

March 25, 2015

Tuesday 3/24/15

at the gym with neighbor Deb today!

the calm……

before the STORM!!!!

Squirrel that tried getting in thru the dog door

Picassa on Squirrel Patrol….
no squirrels getting in on her watch!

Tasting today at Molinari’s

he liked 2 out of the 3.

that’s good odds!

the lobby of a new account I opened today

view from the restaurant DIME:
inside Renaissance Allentown Hotel

the dogs being photogenic, AGAIN!

the HELEN BOOK 2015

a peek inside the HELEN BOOK…..

met up with friend Tom & neighbor Deb at the Pour House

It’s about not giving up……


Happiness depends more on the inward disposition
of mind than on the outward circumstances.

~ Benjamin Franklin

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