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3/30/15 streaking with Chester, fan mail, working from home, writing on the wall

March 30, 2015


still chilly, still Streaking.
Me & Chester & sometimes Weasel.

Letters to be mailed.
WHO is getting Helen Fan Mail???

back of the envelopes

Working from home!
looooong day.

not too messy a desk

these two…..inseparable

Has anyone not met the Puppy yet??
Get here fast, she is growing quickly.

Michael found some Baby Stone Enjoy Buys.
They usually come in Big Bomber Bottles.

Michael’s attempt to start his garden in the basement.
he has some sprouts.
He gets all his gardening tips & information from his barber.
Wish the barber could give him the winning lottery # instead.

My graduating class from Comedy Sportz.

So much FUN. Does Anyone want to take a
class with me??

Writing on the bathroom wall …..

Read WHITE, then RED, then Yellow……

Everything you do
is based on the choices you make.


In all walks of life,
you don’t suddenly become successful.
You become successful over time
from all the little things you do every day.

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  1. Yay! Fan mail! 😀 What is Michael using as pots of his sprouts? They look like little bags and I am curious!

    • helcha8 permalink

      He said it was a little starter kit he thinks he bought at Lowes. I’ll try to get more info. Maybe he has some packaging laying around. All I know is, it is something his Barber recommended…….so it must be good!

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