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4/1/15 Wine Tasting, Lookaway Golf Club, Weasel puppy school, chester

April 2, 2015


Wine tasting at the Porterhouse in Lahaska.

Trying to get in here at Peddler’s Village.
No luck ….yet!

Another Golf Club account of mine Lookaway Golf Club

They buy nice wine

Weasel looking fuzzy

Weasel looking CUTE

Weasel looking Vicious — she’s not.
She was yawning.

Got an Easter Card today 🙂

the stickers are always FUN 🙂

AVA the helper dog at puppy school. She’s cute.

Weasel enjoying puppy school

This is Weasel AFTER puppy school!


“If your compassion
does not include yourself,
it is incomplete.”

~ Buddha

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