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Thursday 4/9/15 Cat Toy, Working with Eric Spain/Portugal Mngr, Wild Ginger

April 10, 2015

Thursday 4/9/15

Cat toy that friend Kim made for Picassa

We made Picassa get in it. Not Loving it.

ANTS!!! who has them???

The best solution we’ve gotten is to get an Anteater.

We need a non-toxic (to dogs) ant killer.

Today I was working with
our Spain/Portugal Manager Eric.

DIME in Allentown was our first stop

We had lunch. Tasty flatbread with goat milk butter

today’s lineup

Wine tasting at Apollo Grill in Bethlehem

Jansen bought 4 of the wines

Next tasting with Becca at 3rd & Ferry Fish Market

Our last tasting at Valenca in Easton

stopped at Sette Luna since I was up that way.

meanwhile…..Pat had a Comcast come over
to fix her cable box. jimmy is a friend of
Michael’s. We all played Volleyball together.

friend Mary stopped over with her daughter Colleen
& friend Kendall. They wanted to meet Baby Weasel.

We went to dinner at Wild Ginger (a byob restaurant)
& sent this Photo to Mary’s husband Chris.

Chris sent us back this picture….
We were out to dinner & he was still
hard at work…..

Dinner with Friends Connie,
Marguerite (in from Hawaii).
Mary & me. fun.

Be yourself, no matter what they say.


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