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4/10/15 Weasel, Chester, High School friend Mary, wine delivery, men’s league

April 11, 2015


on our morning Streak today,
Chester & I stopped to visit neighbors

Chester NOT on the bed…. playing with Weasel

after my morning meeting at my Center City office
I met friend Mary & her children for lunch
at the Shake Shack in Philly

Mary & Me
We are friends from High School.
We played field hockey & Volleyball together.

Next stop was a WINE DELIVERY for a customer.
They NEEDED the wine!

Chester sad Chris is leaving

We really didn’t want Weasel in her crate for more
than 3 hours so neighbor Chris came over midday
to walk the dogs.

Weasel feeling Lonely in her crate

LOOK!!! I got a letter from friend Stefanie.
She got a TYPEWRITER for a birthday present
& I was her first letter written with it!

Does anyone else have a Pen Pal??
it’s fun!

The neighborhood guys shuffleboard league.
Winners this season Don & Jim.

Don’t ever underestimate your ability

to deal with the most overwhelming,

seemingly impossible things in life.

There is more to you than you know.”

~Bob Perks

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