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Monday 5/11/15 Weasel, office assistant, CATS need Foster, can you help??

May 11, 2015

Monday 5/11/15

decision, decision,

Leaf or stick……..

stalking down the back steps.

Weasel chases all birds, squirrels & rabbits

Who wants this big jug of NOW & LATERS??

if not claimed they’re getting tossed……

Weasel being my office assistant

Weasel’s slipper paws

yup, at my desk ALL DAY working….since 8 a.m…..
still there……

again…..these TWO ♥


A friend asked me to pass on this info!

They are looking for someone to foster their cats till Septemberish. All litter and food supplied!

CUPID: She is a big lap cat who loves fleece blankets and will sleep with you!!! She’s a sun bather!!! She is great with other animals and kids including dogs. She will lay on your lap for hours if you have a fleece blanket on it!!!


COMET: Is a little shy at first but is also a SWEETHEART!!!!! She will come when she wants her belly rubbed or when you go into the bathroom!!!! She’s also a sun bather!!! Comet loves toys she can bat around in circles.


This is Comet!!!
She loves to climb her cat tree
to be able to see everyone and still sun bath!!!!

Can YOU or someone you know Foster these two kitties
for the summer??? Kind of like test driving a cat…..

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Trying to get in this club.
Anyone know Tonia???

Look at how far you’ve come.

You have made progress.

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    If no one wants the Now & Laters, save them for me. I can take them up to the activities room. Thanks again for all the wine. So good. Mom

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