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Tuesday 5/12/15 bluebird! gym, macaroni’s, toscana 52, Pour house, Susan & Fred

May 13, 2015

Tuesday 5/12/15

Mr Bluebird visiting. First one I’ve seen this spring.
Hope he is scoping out a nest box.

gym time!

stopped in at Macaroni’s in NE Philly.
Not my account…..YET!

tasting at Cafe Michelangelo.

tasting at Toscana 52.
Have to go back Wednesday.

Making a delivery to a liquor store.
not a fan of this part of the job.
It serves me better to be in front of customers.

Checking in on a new account to be, I hope!
Gypsy Blu in Ambler

Pour House has a new Tuesday special.
$5.99 cheesesteaks (comes with fries!)
and 1/2 price Taco Tuesday!

beer flight after a loooong day at work.
100 miles of driving.

met up with friends Fred & Susan tonight.
they just had to put their 16 y.o. dog to sleep.
They needed a night out.

Life is slippery.
Here, take my hand….

It’s the friends you can call up
at 4 a.m. that matter.

~ Marlene Dietrich

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