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May 13th 2015 Weasel, gym, Fish Market, Morgan Hill GC, spaghetti squash

May 13, 2015

May 13th 2015

Weasel relaxing with a stick after our morning streak

boot camp!

back to Toscana today.
The GM loved both the wines I showed him.

met bartender Shawn. Got his picture to show sister Pat.
She taught him gym 15 years ago!

these two ….♥

Checking on River Grille an account of mine
in Easton, PA. It’s an hour from Ivyland.
another 100 mile day!

visiting the 3rd & Ferry Fish Market.
yes, my account!

Morgan Hill Golf Club…an account in the works!

Why did the Goose cross the road?
To get her babies to the other side!

Neighbor Deb took this photo of mom & babies
crossing a road near our house.

a Wild LOVEBIRD in Arizona.
Friend Shannon sent me this photo.
How cool would it be to have Wild Love birds here?

have you ever eaten Spaghetti Squash?

It’s like pasta, but it’s Not!


You don’t get frustrated because of events.
You get frustrated because of your beliefs.

~Eric barker

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