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6/13/15 Biking, dog manicure, SUKI, Pizza, sunset, streak

June 16, 2015


going for a ride with our bike club

neighbor Deb & Me!

oops!! Mechanical problem,
no worries, all fixed!


cool photo of Linda from one of the other rides

43 hilly miles. done!

time for the Bike Club picnic.

Get happy, ride a bike

Weasel getting her nails cut.
She is very cooperative.

Chester is good too!

Sadly, our friends 25 year old cockatiel died today

raised from an Egg!!! he had both parents.

We gave them those YELLOW garden light thingys
in memory of SUKI, their bird

tried a new place, CHUCKLES, for Pizza.

Pizza & Salad were good.
The other things not so much.
Probably won’t be going back to Chuckles.

SUNSET on our way home

nighttime streak since we didn’t get to do it in the a.m.
Didn’t feel like it, but did it anyway.
One Mile. Every day.


“If you want to go fast,
go alone.
If you want to go far,
go together.”

~African Proverb

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