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Sunday 6/14/15 pancake breakfast, birds, gazebo, sleep number mattress

June 17, 2015

Sunday 6/14/15

Stealth photo of sister Pat at the firehouse
pancake breakfast that we didn’t’ go to today.
Bummer bc they had BACON!

coffee ice cubes for my Iced Coffee.

No watering down my coffee!

Baby bluebirds one week one day

Michael fixing the Gazebo that the kids keep breaking.

Not sure why they need to keep kicking out the spindles?

mattress shopping at the Sleep Number Bed.
Anyone have one??

a FRESH bottle of Rooster Sauce.

I don’t usually keep mine in the fridge
BUT Survey says….. most people do.
so go forward I will.

whipping up a Mexican dinner.
Home made salsa & guacamole.

Chicken & black bean enchiladas

dinner on the deck.

only thing missing was a Margarita!

see the good in everything!


“You see, my life is filled

with so many incredible moments,

I can’t waste any time being sad.

I could sit in one place the rest of my life

just remembering all the times I was glad.”

~Bob Perks

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