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Tuesday 6/16/15 Weasel, wine delivery, Singing Seniors, Pour House MARY!

June 18, 2015

Tuesday 6/16/15

Weasel stalking a bunny

Time for the gym!

sadly I was Wine Delivery Girl today.
I am trying to get this resolved.

KC PRIME is going to start offering 40 wines

So you can go there & try lots of tasty wines.

Where Mike’s mom lives! Wesley Enhanced Living

Me & Betty (Michael’s mom)

Her picture is on the wall for being
on Student Council of her building…
well, something like that!

We were there to see her SING with the
Singing Seniors.

They also had a Bell Group

afterwards we went to the Pour House
(for $5 cheesesteaks that are now $5.99
but include fries.)

a tasty little sampler!

Surprise meet up with friend Mary who was
home from Florida. She actually sold her house
here so I guess it won’t be “home” anymore?

Weasel playing with her peeps toy.
she is so cute. luv this pup!


Whatever you are going to do,
do it like you want to remember it
until the day you die.

~Bob Perks

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