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Wednesday 6/17/15 Traffic! Yianni’s, Apollo Grill, toys for dogs/cats, Mattress!

June 19, 2015

Larry, included you so you could see Yianni’s Taverna
scroll down, 2nd picture

Wednesday 6/17/15

Sat in this mess for awhile…..
it’s not usually a big deal but it did
make me late for my appointment.
Which ended up OK

tasting at Yianni’s

Eat here! They have great food & GREAT WINE.
of course!

2 Greek, 1 South African, 1 Italian

the Greek Merlot was the winner

visit to Apollo Grill in Historic Bethlehem

there are outlet stores next to the Casino I sell wine to.
Actually stopped and had peek at what they offer.

Peep Cat toy for neighbor Chris’s kitties

back to Sleep Number Store.
We are taking the plunge!

Michael & Mike checking out leg sizes.
We are getting short legs, we don’t like tall beds.

Weasel enjoying her new PEEPS toy

hew new favorite toy

I got this cool bottle of water with
PEEPS on it. I had to get it!


Care and diligence bring luck.

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