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Friday June 19th 2015 Picassa, Weasel, birds, Blue Bell Inn, wine delivery

June 19, 2015

Friday June 19th 2015

Picassa & Weasel…..still not BFF’s

sleepy Tree Swallow babies 11 days old

Weasel on her streak

tasting at the Blue Bell Inn

he liked 3 of the 6

Tasting at Bridget’s. Shiraz was a big hit.

New Wine list from Gypsy Blu.
Mine are not on there, yet.

Wine delivery girl, again.
This MUST stop!!!!

Occasionally is OK. ALL THE TIME is not.

“I cannot say where I will end up now.

I can tell you I will never give up.

So, that means I have a long road ahead until it ends.

Perhaps I will see you along the way.”

~ Bob Perks

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