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Saturday 6/20/15 Volleyball in Atlantic City, Quinoa Peruvian & Mexican Rest

June 21, 2015

Saturday 6/20/15

Atlantic City, NJ 8 a.m. Saturday morning

Great American Volleyball Tournament today

Quiet right now before the teams arrive

Casinos in the background

We should be happy about 2nd place but if we
took 1st we would have won a trip to Florida.

We were up 26-17 and lost 27-29.

I don’t know what happened.
Loss of concentration apparently we
forgot how to play 😦

Ben Franklin Bridge on my way home from the beach

Quinoa Peruvian & Mexican Restaurant (byob)

Been wanting to try this place for awhile.

tasty guacamole

Skirt Steak Tacu Tacu en Rajas Poblanas

Our chef’s prime choice;
a fusion of our Peruvian & Mexican cuisines.
Tender skirt steak marinated in Aji Panca based sauce topped with Poblano Peppers and Pico de Gallo.
Served with our exquisite Peruvian Canary bean
Tacu Tacu and salsa criolla.

Very tasty!

our neighbor was doing a fundraiser & they were
selling these: Famous Stocks Pound Cake.

I slice it up real thin & individually wrap each piece then
freeze it. That gives us pound cake in demand!


Blaming others is excusing yourself.

~ Robin S. Sharma

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