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Monday 6/22/15 baby blue birds, WINE, good will, Weasel, Baby Bunny, dentist

June 24, 2015

Monday 6/22/15

Baby Blue Birds getting BIG!
almost ready to fly the coop….

Rose’ wine from around the world.

Greece, France & Italy

Let me know if you need any!

some donations for the poor.
Actually, Veterans of America come get our donations

friend Joyce rummaged through our donations
& got a few items (blankets/sheets) that her
vet can use.

Joyce came just in time because the donation
truck came for pick up right after she left.

Weasel in a Stalk on her morning Walk!

Best Friends….. ♥ these two!!

WE have a Baby Bunny living amongst us.
Hopefully it stays out of our yard!

No cavities. A GOOD check up!!! YAY!

Dr Reuter…. what a name for a dentist!

CHAMPION JUICER free to good home!!

Who wants her???

It works GREAT. I just don’t use it anymore.
Please adopt it!!! It will go to goodwill if no one wants it.

…if you understand how you upset yourself
by slipping into irrational
shoulds, oughts, demands, and commands,
unconsciously sneaking them into your thinking,
you can just about always stop disturbing yourself
about anything.

~ Albert Ellis

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