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SUNDAY 6/21/15 Fathers Day, birds, Weasel, Spa Day, dinner at Taco Suave

June 22, 2015


Happy Father’s Day 🙂

baby tree swallows want food!!

almost 2 weeks old

Weasel too tired to make it all the way onto
the dog bed….

Weasel’s friend Savannah. She lives across the street.
They are the same age, just a couple days apart.
They had a little hiatus on play dates bc
Savannah broke her leg but she is on the road
to recovery.

Weasel still NOT on the bed…..
she’s getting BIG!
our baby weasel is growing up!

THIS is what I did today……

THIS is what Michael did today…..

AS you may remember we’ve been having ANT issues.
Even after the ANT MAN came.
We pulled out the stove to make sure we didn’t
have ants back there (we didn’t).
And to my surprise, for not having moved that
stove for 12 years it was quite clean.

FINALLY. Weasel made it all the way onto the bed.
With her BFF Chester, of course!

Michael wanted to go to Taco Suave for dinner.
It was his choice for Father’s Day.

Michael figured it wouldn’t be crowded & he was right.
There’s not much atmosphere but the food is good.

Taco Suave is byob so I brought Margaritas
made with my jalapeño strawberry infused tequila.
Must say….they are quite tasty!

I ordered the Shrimp Ceviche.
It’s delicious & they give you lots.

count your blessings (not your troubles)


“It isn’t what you have or who you are
or where you are or what you are doing
that makes you happy or unhappy.
It is what you think about it.”

~ Dale Carnegie

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